Can sperm have cancerous cells

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Chemotherapy has a lot of terrible side effects and that's partly because the drugs being used to fight cancer also attack healthy cells. Figuring out a way to deliver drugs to tumors without affecting healthy tissue is a challenge and a problem that researchers are trying to solve. One group working on this problem, New Scientist reports, is a team at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden and in a recent studythey showed that sperm could be turned into an effective drug delivery tool.

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A few chemo drugs can be present in small amounts in semen. You may want to use condoms while you are getting chemo and for about 2 weeks afterward. Some types of radiation treatment require special precautions for a certain amount of time, too.

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Some cancer treatments might affect your fertility. Sperm banking is a way of storing your sperm for use in later fertility treatment. Your fertility might be affected permanently or temporarily.

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Chemotherapy is an effective way to treat cancer but it produces all sorts of unwanted side effectsincluding fatigue and nausea. But scientists may have found a solution, at least as far as cervical cancer is concerned. Why sperm?

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Testicular cancer TC is one of the most treatable of all malignancies and the management of the quality of life of these patients is increasingly important, especially with regard to their sexuality and fertility. Survivors must overcome anxiety and fears about reduced fertility and possible pregnancy-related risks as well as health effects in offspring. There is thus a growing awareness of the need for reproductive counseling of cancer survivors.

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By Alice Klein. Standard chemotherapy is toxic to both cancer cells and normal cells, leading to symptoms like nausea, and limiting the dose a person can receive. But if chemotherapy drugs specifically targeted tumours, we could avoid this.

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The current concepts, recommendations, and principles of sperm banking as it pertains to the comprehensive care of young men of reproductive age with cancer are reviewed. Obstacles to sperm banking are addressed as well as future directions for fertility-preserving technologies. In addition, cancer itself can impair spermatogenesis.

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Researchers are studying the use of sperm cells as micromotors for delivering chemotherapy to cervical cancer patients. As a result, it can only be administered in limited doses. In addition, chemo can be diluted by body fluids and be broken down and weakened by enzymes. Now a team of scientists at Leibnitz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research are exploring a new way to aim cancer medications with greater precision directly at tumors while reducing side effects, thus making it safe to administer higher, more effective doses.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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Chemotherapy is brutal. Scientists have tried everything from nanoparticles to homing-beacon bacteria to better target the disease. The team had been working for years on a robotic power-boost for slow swimmers—originally intended to help couples with low sperm motility conceive. Using a two-photon laser, the scientists created a set of sperm harnesses—tiny tubes with flexible arms that cling to the head.


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