How to talk to your teens about sex

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The majority of parents want to talk to their teens about sexual intercourse, sexuality, and relationships and most teens want to hear from their parents about these topics. Conversations about these topics should start early and continue—and change—as your teen gets older. Teens go through a lot of changes during adolescence and helping them figure out all of their relationships, including their sexual relationships, is important, and can really pay off.

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The reason? Sex, and everything that comes with it, is an important health and safety issue. How can we help mitigate those numbers?

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Adolescence can be tough enough to get through without questions of sex, sexuality, and sexual identity. But adolescents are humans, too — no matter how alien they may seem to their parents at times. Sharing factual information with and giving good moral guidance to your teenager is a vitally important part of helping your teen understand herself or himself.

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We respect your privacy. When parents talk with their teens about sex, they tend to focus too narrowly on the dangers and downsides of being sexually active, experts say. They usually stress the downsides of sex, she says, and often focus on pregnancy prevention. But such limited exchanges are not enough to help kids cope with the sex lives they may have already begun or will soon be starting, says Dr.

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Inside:You know you have to do it, but exactly how do you talk to your teen about sex and dating. But there are ways you can open the door about sex without making your kid run screaming from the room. To have a decent conversation about any sensitive topic with teens, including sexuality, always pay attention to the emotional context and the setting.

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Verified by Psychology Today. You and Your Adolescent. Valentine's Day seems like the right time to offer a few words of advice to parents about talking to preteens and young teenagers about sex.

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By now, your child understands where babies come from and the potential consequences of having sex. In addition, most public schools provide some level of sex education as part of the health curriculum. If they are going away to college, for instance, are they really ready for the reality of independent living and making responsible decisions?

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Although sex is totally natural, some parents get nervous or uncomfortable talking to their kids about it. Researchers have found the opposite to be true. Those talks should start on a much smaller scale when kids are younger and get more detailed as they get older.

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However, when my son asked me to take him to Planned Parenthood for free condoms soon after his 18th birthday, all of my openness flew out the window. Westhoff told me that my teenager depends upon me as his parent for essential information about values, love, and relationships, not just in word but in deed. Here are a few suggestions he passed along that may help you and other parents who struggle with communicating about sex with their teens.

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One of the most difficult conversations that moms have with their daughters is about sex — not just the birds and bees, but the real deal: oral sex, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, peer pressure, sexual assault and more. Jennifer Ashtona mom of two teenagers and an OB-GYN who's a recurring host on The Doctorsshares her advice about how, who, and when to have an honest and open conversation. Q: At what age is it appropriate for parents to start having a conversation with their daughter about dating? The more familiar this topic is as an open dialogue between a mom and daughter, the easier it will be.


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