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Stuart sees her standing behind the counter at her job and he is instantly infatuated. Her name is Bri and she is an year-old African-American teen who is curvy in all of the right places. Stuart feels his heart flutter as he looks at her, knowing that to everyone that sees him, he is just a middle-aged and nerdy white guy.

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As Mark, a middle-aged white guy, and Zuri, his year-old African-American girlfriend, embark on a camping trip together, they know that it is going to be a great time. A great time not only since they both love the outdoors, but a great time since they know that together they can explore the great outdoors without anyone around and without anyone knowing what happens between them. Zuri is especially excited since she lied to her parents and said that she was going to spend a weekend with her female BFF, but instead, she is now alone in the wilderness with Mark and her fluffy skirt and snug t-shirt.

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Marshae Jones was five months pregnant when she was shot in the stomach. Her fetus did not survive the shooting, which the authorities say happened during a dispute with another woman. The unusual case comes amid a heated debate over the rights of pregnant women and fetuses nationwide, and Alabama is ground zero for the issue.

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Teenage pregnancy refers to the pregnancy of adolescent females under the age of Although adolescent pregnancy rates are on the decline, the United States still has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the developed worlds. According to a report by the Guttmacher Institutethe following statistics characterize teenage pregnancy in the U.

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When MTV first started airing 16 and Pregnantits documentary series about teenage girls having babies, I was riveted. Though the show was accused of glorifying and implicitly endorsing teen motherhood, 16 and Pregnant covered a fairly wide range of girls and experiences in a realistic way. We saw girls who got married and girls whose boyfriends disappeared, girls from middle-class families and poor ones, girls who had divorced parents and girls who had married ones.

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Jump to navigation Skip navigation. Pregnant and parenting teens face enormous challenges in accomplishing their educational goals. Approximately 70 percent of teenage girls who give birth leave school, and, evidence suggests that illegal discrimination is a major contributing factor to this high dropout rate.

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Texas ranked 4 out of 51 50 states plus the District of Columbia a on final teen birth rates among females ages with 1 representing the highest rate, and 51 representing the lowest rate. The U. The teen abortion rate for Texas was 31 per 1, females ages in

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Although teen pregnancy and birth rates have dropped the past two decades, states still face the reality that black and Latina teens are more than twice as likely as white teens to become pregnant. Despite this, black and Latina girls are more than twice as likely as white girls to become pregnant before they leave adolescence. This glass half-full, half-empty scenario is a dilemma that continues to confound states.

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Youth may be particularly attuned to social evaluation during the teen years with implications for physical and mental health. Negative attitudes and stereotypes constitute an important type of social evaluative threat. Pregnant and parenting teens not only encounter challenges associated with their early transition to parenthood, but also are confronted with unfavourable attitudes of others.

With the exception of a period during the s, there has been a positive downward trend since the s in the proportion of mothers receiving late or no prenatal care. This percentage dropped by more than a third from tofrom 6 to 4 percent. Consequently, nationwide year-to-year comparisons are problematic, and not possible at all between and Appendix 1.


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