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The news that Jorg Haider - the Austrian fascist leader - spent his final few hours in a gay bar with a hot blond has shocked some people. It hasn't shocked me. This is a taboo topic for a gay left-wing man like me to touch, but there has always been a weird, disproportionate overlap between homosexuality and fascism.

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For almost as long as National Socialism has existed, people have tried to connect it with homosexuality. Numerous attempts have been made to try to prove that Hitler was gay, although there is little to no existing evidence that he ever slept with anyone, man or woman. Perhaps the fascination persists because it seems like such a paradox: the Nazi party, so hellbent on eradicating gays, was itself bursting with homoerotic imagery — masses of beautiful, strapping Aryan men in uniform.

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By the end of the war, between 5, and 10, men suspected of engaging in homosexual practices had been deported to concentration camps, where two-thirds of them died. Prisoners at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany, watched over by Nazi guards December 19, While this chapter of history has now been well documented by researchers in Germany, what about the lives of gays and lesbians in the other European countries during that period?

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We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Thousands of men were sent to concentration camps in Nazi Germany because of their homosexuality. Rudolf Brazda, who died last week at age 98, is believed to have been the last survivor of the so-called "pink triangles.

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In Poland, no one writes about the tragic fate of homosexuals during the Nazi era. Nothing has been published about the thousands of Polish homosexuals who became death camp victims. The Napoleonic Code of served as the model for this kind of progress.

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An image from the Gay Aryan Skinheads G. H VK page. A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed someone from the Malaysian neo-Nazi scene.

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We can't permit such danger to the country; the homosexual must be entirely eliminated. With these chilling words, the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, set out the Nazi master plan for the sexual cleansing of the Aryan race. Heinz F, now 96, was a carefree young gay man living in Munich in the early s.

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Around the turn of the century there was a fairly significant gay rights movement in Germany under the leadership of Magnus Hirschfeld and his organization, the Scientific Humanitarian Committee. The major goals of the movement were to educate the public and to bring about the repeal of Paragraph At the close of World War I, there was a somewhat more liberal climate in Germany and the Weimar Republic, while it did not repeal the existing law, did not enforce the law with the same zeal as the First Reich. There was a proliferation of homosexual meeting places, books, articles and films and homosexuality was considerably more open and more openly discussed.

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Once upon a time -- a day into be exact -- a young gay American and young gay Canadian shared a dream of founding an organization which united gay and straight skinheads, creating a new era in tolerance and compassion between racist heterosexuals and homosexuals in their war against non-whites. From this dream emerged the American Resistance Corps ARCan organization with two purposes: to inform "straight skinheads that there were decent gay skinheads already among them in the movement who didn't want validation but simply wanted acceptance for their common goals", and to build "the framework for cultural recovery and a brighter future for the white race where all white people can live and work in harmony together without the interference and hinderance sic of the selfish interests of other races. For most, the existence of a group such as ARC is puzzling.

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The apparent connection between Nazism and homosexuality is cited by various wingnuts [2] as proof that the gay agenda is a Nazi -style conspiracy to destroy the family. The Nazis were opposed to homosexuality and abortiondespite what Conservapedia may tell you. Apart from one notable exception see belowthe Nazis were predominately heterosexualand up to 15, gay men were killed in the Holocaust.