Letters from santa to naughty adult

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This funny, free Christmas printable is a letter from Santa to a naughty adult. Santa decides that coal is too good for such bad behavior and brainstorms different punishments. Free to download and print.

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This is the big man himself, the guy in the red suit who could feasibly bring you any toy you could ever imagine. Their letters to Santa can be cute, sure, but they often also reveal more than they probably intended about their insecurities and anxieties and complicated relationship with the holiday. It takes guts to cut to the chase with Santa like this—and then to ask for jelly beans and an AK assault rifle, among other gifts, is equal parts distressing and hilarious.

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Make sure they get one back. From Lia Griffith. From Frosted Events.

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Santa and Mrs. We sat on the back of an antique pick-up truck!! Christmas Time is here, and I want your children to have a wonderful time.

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Order a personalized Santa Letter. Each individually addressed letter from Father Christmas will include a free festive gift of your choice see our fantastic selection and will arrive in a cheerful red Santa envelope with gold embossed seal. Santa will personalize all letters with your child's name, home town, most wished for Christmas gift, recent achievements, best friend's name etc.

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If you could get anything you wanted for Christmas what would it be? Children are asked this question all the time, but what about the adults? A bunch of cheeky grown-ups have had their say this year, after hijacking Santa's postbox and sending their own list of requests to the jolly gift-giver.

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Hey there! Here with an update… This is how the adult letter to Santa began for inkhappi! We now have three versions and this is the first.

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Cancel OK. I have been checking my lists and checking them twice and, yes, there you are on my Naughty List. Do you realize that your ratio of naughty to nice deeds and behaviors over the last year was 4 to 1?

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I stood up in a bus this past year for an elderly person. I gave back all the wrong change I mistakenly received. I try not to cuss? My parents taught me not to look at what others do though, so scratch that last comment with the politicians.


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