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There may be no law in your family about exchanging birthday cards or gifts. Each is a moral community. Teens have more freedom than young children, but are typically subject to explicit rules about dress, curfew, grades, chores, social activities, dating, and so on.

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THIS is a strange moment for sex in America. At least, we no longer assume that intercourse signals the start of a relationship. And we wonder how to define rape.

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Relying on Foucauldian ideas about the relationship between discourse and power e. Other Roman-era texts, such as the medical writings of Galen and the novel Leucippe and Clitophonoffer variations on Augustan morals. Nevertheless, he notes that some Jews, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls community, preferred celibacy to procreation

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Martin Ingram. Carnal Knowledge: Regulating Sex in England, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Wigelsworth Red Deer College.

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A dults may soon find their sex lives regulated to the point where nearly every sexual encounter is defined as rape unless neither party reports the activity. The American Law Institute will vote in May on whether to adopt a model penal code that would make "affirmative consent" the official position of the organization. Affirmative consent — or "yes means yes" — policies have already been adopted by many colleges and universities, and have been passed as law in California and New York.

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Drawing upon ethnographic research conducted in the late s, I demonstrate the ways in which disparate versions of policy reform resulted in a common series of alterations to the social geography of sexual commerce: the removal of economically disenfranchised and racially marginalized streetwalkers from gentrifying city centers; the de facto tolerance of a small tier of white, native-born, and relatively privileged in-door workers; and the driving of illegal migrant sex-workers further underground. While attitudes towards gender and sexuality and regulatory strategies are not irrelevant to the configuration of sexual commerce, the shared realities ushered in by postindustrial patterns of political economy may be even more definitive in shaping its predominant forms. Convention is an application service for managing large or small academic conferences, annual meetings, and other types of events!

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Adrienne D. Most commentators on sex markets focus on the debate between abolitionists and those who defend and support professional sex work. This Article, instead, looks at debates within the pro-sex-work camp, uncovering some unattended tensions and contradictions.

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In Julythe roboticist Ronald Arkin suggested that child sex robots could be used to treat those with paedophilic predilections in the same way that methadone is used to treat heroin addicts. Taking this onboard, it would seem that there is reason to experiment with the regulation of this technology. But most people seem to disagree with this idea, with legal authorities in both the UK and US taking steps to outlaw such devices.

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In the hopes of reducing sex trafficking in the country, Mexico has given the green light to the decriminalization of sex work in its capital. The legislators obtained a result of with eight abstentions in a vote in Congress on Friday, which favoured a bill to remove a line from the civic culture law that argued for fining prostitutes and their clients as well as for their arrest. These are often unclear, meaning that sex workers can find themselves in legal loopholes that may leave them vulnerable to exploitation by criminal groups.

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