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You gain confidence and feel a little bit sexier after a few shots. But alcohol may not be helping you much in fact. You may want to think it twice when you approach the bar tender to order your next drink.

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The Sex in the Driveway cocktail is a variation on the Sex on the Beach recipe. The main difference is the stunning blue color and the loss of cranberry juice. This drink is definitely on the sweeter side, but the Sprite adds a nice tartness to it.

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Having a party or gathering but want to do something different, cookey, or naughty for a theme? Impress your guests with one or more of these naughty cocktails - either for taste, shock value, or showmanship! Also, you'll find useful tips and tricks to aid in your concoctions. Make sure to add some ice into the mix and serve in a shot glass.

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Spanish Fly Pro is a supplement for women which help boosting Libido levelsin other words it is a sexual enhancer for women. It can effectively increase the sex drive to a great extent so that women can achieve orgasms easily [2]. It is especially designed for the women who suffer from low libido.

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There are times for wine in a real glass or sophisticated cocktails in a dimly lit bar, and then there are times for drinks like these, when all you want to do is "get crunk" and have a good time. So let's get to it. Fun game for your reading pleasure: Spot the penis!

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Whiskey makes you frisky, gin makes you sin, tequila makes you black out and wake up naked next to an ugly stranger…sound familiar? Fourteen grams of pure alcohol constitutes one standard drinkand most of the time, one or two standard drinks is enough to set your libido on fire, without leaving you unable to performif you know what I mean. Since beer is considered light on alcohol, people tend to drink a lot more than that, rendering themselves bloated, sleepy, and too drunk to function.

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While you're probably familiar with a handful or two of classic cocktails, there are thousands upon thousands of drink options out there. And some of them happen to be straight up filthy. Take a look at 18 cocktails that sound extremely sexual and will definitely earn you a few looks if you order them at the bar.

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Disclaimer: Inappropriate language and content, not recommended for anyone under the age of Please drink legally and responsibly. We all dream of finding the one, that perfect drink that epitomizes everything you stand for — the "shaken, not stirred" martini to your James Bond.


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