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International travel has always had an allure for the single gal. The thrill of losing yourself in a perfectly baked pain au chocolatthe indulgent kisses of an accented man or the fortuitous Eurail cabin-turned-soul mate. Here's some advice: If you're looking for an international romantic encounter, stay away from Northern Europe, ladies.

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It is often considered the most amorous nation on the planet, but France doesn't even feature in a new list of the most sexually satisfied countries. According to a Durex global survey of 26, people, aged 16 and older, across 26 countries, only 44 per cent of people are fully satisfied with their sex lives. In the wake of these results, AlterNet has compiled a list of the 12 most sexually satisfied countries, with Switzerland, Spain and Italy topping the list.

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The fact that science is now showing that most British women find their sex toys more satisfying than their partner is testament to the scope of adult toys available to use these days. We also know that this percentage of the British public own a sex toy — but how do we Brits compare to the rest of the world? The World Sex Toy Rankings has all the answers, ranking countries across the globe on how often they search for different sex toys.

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They have sex about three times a week, which might strike many as enviable, considering that John and Jane—who are in their 40s—have been together for nearly two decades. Based on numbers alone, one might wonder why they need couples counseling at all. Or frequency. Or different.

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We judge states for being unhealthy or being the most drunk. And in this particular case, we can see which countries love sex toys the most. According to a new study, the Danish shop for sex toys more than anyone else in the world.

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Not many years ago, the idea of women talking about their sexual desires and what they want in the bedroom was almost an alien concept. That they can now openly discuss it in many parts of the world just demonstrates how sexually-liberated women are today. That said, you would be mistaken if you thought that American women top the list of women with the highest sex drive in the world.

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The most sexually satisfied countries in the world have been revealed but sadly Britain didn't make the cut. Their schools often introduces sex education early on with some Swiss classrooms introducing reproduction science to children as young as four. In sixth place was the Netherlands who are not only sexually satisfied but have some of the lowest rates of abortion, teen pregnancy and HIV.

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Find your Affair. The Top Twenty Countries with Highest Sex Drives in Women have been revealed, based on the analysis sexy admissions from women around the globe who have self-assessed their sex drive. Shockingly, many assert that their sex drives are so high they could be considered to be nymphomaniacs.

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CNN is committed to covering gender inequality wherever it occurs in the world. This story is part of As Equalsan ongoing series. Click here for more stories from the As Equals series.

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A new study suggests that the Danish shop for sex toys more often than anyone else - per 1, internet users per year, to be exact. Though, the other top countries are not too far from Denmark. They used 18 of the most popular sex toy products and search terms from Lovehoneyranging from the basics dildos and vibratorsto more niche desires like jingle balls and love eggs. After putting the words through Google's Keyword Planner, researchers were able to determine the volume of searches made last year from specific countries.


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